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Supporters of Fuller gather to send prayers

Friends of Gord Fuller gathered to say prayers for the Nanaimo city councillor, who's in hospital in critical condition.

School District 68 Trustee Jeff Solomon made opening remarks about Fuller at Colliery Dam Park Monday afternoon...(For full story and audio click on title)

Plans in place to improve Lantzville's downtown, but it won't happen quickly

Lantzville's mayor says the district is working toward improvements in the downtown core, but cautions changes won't happen overnight.

Colin Haime says the district has a draft of a Commercial Core Improvement Plan on Lantzville Road between Ware Road and Huddlestone Park.

He says at this point the plan includes improved parking and better pedestrian flow, but says these are big...(For full story click on title)

Man exposes himself to 11-year-old girl

Nanaimo RCMP are looking for a man who exposed himself to an 11-year-old girl.

Last Friday, January 23rd, the girl was sitting in the foyer of the Nanaimo Conservatory of Music on Selby Street just before 5 o'clock when a man standing outside the door exposed himself and started to masturbate.

RCMP Constable Gary O'Brien says they were not able to find the man.

He says...(For full story and a sketch click on title)

Councillor Fuller suffers serious heart attack

Nanaimo city councillor Gordon Fuller remains in critical condition in Nanaimo hospital.

He had a major heart attack late Sunday morning.

Mayor Bill McKay says not surprisingly Fuller was serving the community when he suffered the heart attack.

He says Gord being Gord, he was out picking up tables in the 7-10 Club van and was driving at the time and pulled over to the side of the road...(For full story click on title)

Vandals hit school hard

Vandalism has been a big problem at Cinnabar Valley Elementary School lately.

School officials confirm an $8000 swing set was destroyed by fire overnight Monday.

It took the local parent advisory committee two years to raise the money for the piece of playground equipment.

Over the last several months, other forms of vandalism, including plenty of broken glass, has been reported at...(For full story click on title)

Man found in attic officially charged

A Nanaimo man has been charged after hiding from police in the attic of a home on Wednesday.

37-year-old Favian Larouche is charged with being unlawfully in a dwelling.

He was sniffed out by police service dog Boomer in the home in the 500 block of Kennedy Street.

Larouche was wanted on outstanding warrants prior to his arrest.

He'll remain in custody until February 10th.

Hotel tax gets provincial approval

The chair of the Nanaimo Hospitality Association expects more than $400,000 a year of new money will support the local tourism industry.

That money will come from a 2% hotel tax to be collected by 23 hotel operators in Nanaimo starting April 1st.

Dan Brady says the money will enhance and create multi-day events in Nanaimo and also support sports tourism.

He says there's pretty...(For full story click on title)

Solutions discussed at local child poverty forum

About 160 people came together to discuss solutions for Nanaimo's child poverty rate at Beban Park's Social Centre.

Thursday's forum brought in professionals who talked about impacts that the living wage and childcare expenses have, as well as how poverty can effect health issues.

City Councillor Dianne Brennan was at the forum and says the community had a chance to share...(For full story click on title)

Police dog tracks suspect to attic

RCMP arrested a 37-year-old Nanaimo man Wednesday, who was wanted on outstanding warrants.

Constable Gary O'Brien says the suspect was first spotted near the intersection of Milton and Hecate Street around 11:30 am.

He says this male unwisely decided to run from police and was later tracked to a house in the 500 block of Kennedy Street, where the man was...(For full story click on title)

Forum will discuss ways to tackle child poverty

20% of Nanaimo children come from poverty stricken households and that number is expected rise.

That according to the city's Social Planner John Horn.

A child poverty forum runs Thursday at Beban Park Social Centre for people to discuss how they can tackle the problem.

Horn says this forum will give people the opportunity to discuss with professionals ways to bring Nanaimo's...(For full story click on title)

Lower interest rate good for some current and new home owners, bad for economy

It's good news for some current and potential new home owners, but also a sign our economy isn't doing so well.

The Bank of Canada has cut its key interest rate a quarter of a percentage point to .75%.

Elaine Pellegrin, a mortgage broker who owns a Dominion Lending Centres location in Nanaimo, says this move is designed to help kick start the economy.

She says hopefully it will...(For full story click on title)

Students in video discussing "how to kill a teacher" not from SD68

It turns out two boys featured in a disturbing YouTube video offering instructions on 'how to kill your teacher" are not from Nanaimo-Ladysmith Public Schools.

RCMP confirm the boys, who are 11 and 13-years old, are from Castlegar.

A violence risk-assessment of the boys will be done to determine what course of action within the school setting will be taken.

Another video...(For full story click on title)

SD68 investigating video showing boys talking about killing a teacher

Nanaimo-Ladysmith Public Schools is investigating a disturbing video featuring two boys which has been pulled from YouTube.

In the video the boys, estimated to be 11 or 12-years-old, are holding what appear to be toy guns and offering instructions on "how to kill your teacher".

It's not clear where the boys are from, but another video posted by the same user includes footage of Nanaimo Airport...(For full story click on title)

Bestwick wants city budget talks to start earlier

Nanaimo council got its first look at the 2015 draft financial plan this week.

But Councillor Bill Bestwick thinks that's too late.

Bestwick says he would like to begin budget deliberations for 2016 in September of 2015, something Director of Finance Brian Clemens agreed with.

Clemens says he would also love to have a budget adopted by the end of the previous year, noting he...(For full story click on title)

Group wants a Senator to represent the island

An argument is being made to have a Senator from Vancouver Island.

The Vancouver Island and Coast Conservation Society has sent a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper stating that the island deserves a Senator.

President Laurie Gourlay says Vancouver Island is home to 780,000 people, but no Senator.

He says because of our culture, because we're an island...(For full story click on title)