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NDTA President reacts after teachers move to stage one strike action

The B.C. Teachers' Federation has announced that stage one strike action will start Wednesday.

The union's bid for a new contract means that teachers province wide will not be doing administrative work, including before and after school supervision of students.

Nanaimo District Teachers' Association President Mike Ball says they feel now is the time to put pressure on the...(For full story click on title)

South end recycling facility proposal heads to public hearing

Regional Recycling Nanaimo wants to serve a need in the city's south end, while residents are citing traffic and other concerns in opposition of the proposal.

Both sides will be able to speak at a public hearing, after zoning amendments and changes to the official community plan passed two readings on Monday night.

Tim Wait, with Regional Recycling, says the proposed recycling...(For full story click on title)

Passing motorists save small boy from crash wreckage

Two strangers worked together to rescue a two year old boy from a flipped vehicle Tuesday afternoon just south of Nanaimo.

Nanaimo RCMP Constable Gary O'Brien says a mother was driving on the highway with her two sons near Morden Road when she lost control, clipped a truck and flipped her car.

O'Brien says the mother and her seven year old son were...(For full story click on title)

Office space will provide resources to tech start-ups

Office space is being made available for start-up tech firms on mid Vancouver Island in need of guidance and support.

The Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation and Innovation Island have teamed up to create nearly 7000 square feet of office space known as Square One.

NedCorp CEO Sasha Angus says the user pay system surrounds burgeoning tech firms with the necessary support.

He says...(For full story click on title)

Incineration still on the table as solution to our own trash issues

Burning garbage is on the table as a form of processing mid Vancouver Island's trash.

The Regional District's Manager of Solid Waste, Larry Gardner, says varying forms of garbage incineration and land filling are the two main ways to deal with excess garbage.

He says the Regional District is in the process of forming a new solid waste management plan and says the public will have...(For full story click on title)

Bystanders lift car to free baby in stroller

Charges are expected against a driver who Nanaimo RCMP say ran a red light and hit a stroller with a baby inside.

It happened Tuesday on the Island Highway across from the Port Place Mall as a mom was using the crosswalk.

RCMP Constable Gary O'Brien says a southbound car hit the stroller.

He says five or six pedestrians got involved and actually lifted...(For full story click on title)

Council opposes incinerator proposal

Nanaimo city council has heard enough about the idea of burning Metro Vancouver's garbage within city limits.

At Monday night's meeting, council voted unanimously to send a letter to the Province and Metro Vancouver advising them that the city of Nanaimo opposes the proposal of a waste to energy incinerator at Duke Point.

Mayor John Ruttan says he blames Metro Vancouver for the...(For full story click on title)

Booze leads to altercation, stabbing

Nanaimo RCMP say a booze related altercation among friends led to the stabbing of a 22 year old man.

Constable Gary O'Brien says it happened on Saturday at a home on Carlisle Street near John Barsby Secondary School.

He says the victim suffered extremely serious injuries to his lower forearm and hand. As a result of that four males and one female were taken into custody...(For full story click on title)