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Retired Poli Sci Professor unsure why Premier waded into Israel conflict

A decision by Premier Christy Clark to wade into the conflict between Israel and Hamas was not necessary according to a retired VIU political science professor.

Allan Warnke says it's a curious move by the Premier to get involved in something that she didn't have to, unless, and this is a wild bit of speculation, she has some sort of national inspirations as well and she wants to...(For full story click on title)

Nanaimo couple wins BC/49

A Nanaimo couple is 2 million dollars richer after hitting their numbers on the BC/49 draw.

Janice Kroening says she and her husband Barry were checking their numbers on a Monday morning.

She says they were just having morning coffee and it was unbelievable at first, she had to look at the ticket many, many times and it still hasn't sunk in.

The retired couple says they don't...(For full story click on title)

Owner confident "float home" development will move ahead

The owner of a proposed float home development in Nanaimo is confident dredging work will start in December.

Scott Valliere says his concept to build up to 60 float homes over five years at the old Nanaimo Shipyard site will be submitted to the DFO this week.

Valliere says a biologist he hired strongly believes that the DFO won't have a problem with this.

He says they have a...(For full story click on title)

Plane crash near airport kills two men

The Transportation Safety Board is interviewing witnesses in a small plane crash that killed two people near Nanaimo.

Spokesman Bill Yearwood says the plane, an amateur-built Avid amphibious aircraft, crashed on takeoff from the Nanaimo Airport on Saturday evening.

Yearwood says the single-engine two-seater went down on the Cottonwood Golf Course and the two people on board died of their...(For full story click on title)

Barlow claims 3rd Bathtub title

Nathan Barlow has won his third World Championship Bathtub Race in Nanaimo and he expects this will be his last.

The 36-year-old Nanoose Bay man captured Sunday's Bathtub Race with a time of 1 hour, 14 minutes and 20 seconds, 11 seconds clear of his longtime friend Shawn Lamoureux.

Barlow, who plans on retiring from the annual race, says the water was fairly calm, which worked in his...(For full story click on title)

Beban pool closed for upgrades, maintenance

The Beban Park pool and weight room are closed until September.

The Nanaimo facilities have been temporarily shut down for maintenance, multiple upgrades, and the installation of some new equipment.

The Nanaimo Aquatic Centre and Westwood Lake will be available for recreational activities during the closure.

The city aims to have the pool and weight room open again on September 2nd.

Environmental study next step in developing waterfront land

A detailed environmental site investigation is the next step towards developing 26.2 acres of waterfront land in downtown Nanaimo.

The city's manager of real estate Bill Corsan says the Wellcox Railyard property used to be the shore of the ocean.

He says when the coal mining was active in the area they used to push the coal slag in to create new land so the whole property is...(For full story click title)

Online tool allows businesses to share solutions, ideas

An online networking tool for Nanaimo businesses has been launched.

It's called Townsquared and Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation CEO Sasha Angus says it's an effective way for business owners and workers to share useful information.

He says for the businesses to say I'm having this issue and chances are there is another business in the community that had the same...(For full story click on title)

Campfire ban lifted, for now

A campfire ban in the Coastal Fire Centre has been lifted.

However, fire information officer Marg Drysdale says the ban should return prior to August long weekend.

She says it should be considered temporary since we are looking at hot, dry conditions in August, but over this weekend we may get as much as 30-40 millimetres of rain in some areas.

Drysdale says category two and three...(For full story click on title)